How To Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk

How to Clean Out a Garage Full of Junk

Are you a homeowner dealing with an overstuffed garage?  No room to park your car and no space to store necessary items?  While the task of cleaning out a garage full of junk may be daunting, we can break it down into smaller tasks to make the job easier.  Many homeowners find themselves using their garage as a dumping ground for things they rarely use; eventually, these items begin to simply take up space.  If you’re in this position- you’re not alone.  Garage cleanouts can be hard, but there are plenty of cleanout tips to help you along the way.  Let’s discuss how to clean out a garage full of junk!

How To Clean Garages Full of Junk: Step 1. Clean Out Garage Clutter, Items, & Junk Removal

The best way to clean out your garage is to start by simply removing everything first.  If you have a yard or driveway space, pick a day (or set of days) when the weather is nice; take everything out of the garage and put it outside.  Emptying the space is the only way you’ll be able to assess all of your items as a whole and properly reorganize them.  Once the garage is empty, you’ll have all of your garage clutter laid out in a space where it can be accessed; the sheer amount of stuff may feel overwhelming at this step.  Don’t worry, and trust the process!

Once everything is laid out, you can begin organizing your items into three categories: things to keep, things to donate, and things to get rid of.  For many of us, it can be hard to decide whether or not to keep items; the best rule of thumb is to consider whether or not an item has been used at any point in the last year.  If that seems too short, you can even lengthen that time to two years.  If an item has not been used in the past year (or two), it’s time to let it go.

If you’ve identified items you no longer use, consider whether or not someone else could get use out of them.  Household items, furniture, old sports or outdoor equipment, and other such items can be donated to local charities for use by someone else.  If you’d rather, you can set those items out and host a garage sale; though this requires a little extra work. Some donation centers also offer pickup services for larger items such as furniture.

After you’ve decided what to keep and donate, the rest can be thrown away.  Things that are rotten, broken, or damaged should be tossed, as well as cardboard boxes and other miscellaneous non-donatables.  For this step, it might be useful to rent a dumpster!  We at Hoss Junk offer dumpster rentals, so you can toss as you go and not have to worry about fitting it all in your curbside can or having to haul it to the dump.  When your dumpster rental is over, our team will come by to pick up the dumpster and will handle all of the disposal for you.

If moving all of the donations and junk is too big of a task for you, we also offer a junk removal service!  We have a dedicated team who can help with hauling large items and garage cleanout.  Visit our online junk removal resources to learn more about this process.

Step 2. Cleaning Your Emptied Garage Space

If you’ve successfully gone through all of your belongings- congratulations!  The hardest part is over.  At this stage, your garage should be completely empty.  This is a good time to do a proper garage cleaning; cluttered garages often become hosts for pests, mold, and other messes.  Give the floor a good sweep, then mop or hose it down.  Depending on how dirty it is, you may want to utilize a good floor cleaner, scrubber, or power washer for this step.  Clean any cobwebs and dust from the walls and ceiling, and check for any leaks or pooling water that may have gone unnoticed.  Be sure to let the space fully dry.  Once you have a clean garage, it’s time to move everything back in!

Step 3. Reorganizing and Reclaiming Your Garage

If everything is sorted and the garage itself has been cleaned, you’re on to the final step!  Consider the items you chose to keep; how would you organize them in a way that keeps them accessible?  If you don’t have some already, it might be useful to invest in some simple metal shelving units and storage bins.  Try to keep seasonal items together; if you choose to use storage bins, be sure to label them.  An organized garage is the secret to permanently decluttering and keeping your garage clean.

Don’t forget to designate a space for you to park your car(s).  If parking your car is a tight squeeze, try pulling your car into the garage and then marking out the space; hanging a ping pong ball or other ornament from the ceiling that you can line up with your car’s hood or side mirrors can help you be sure you’re parking in the same spot each time.

Enjoy Your Clean Garage, Free of Junk!

It’s time to celebrate; your cluttered garage is no more!  You can take the weight off your shoulders of that daunting garage cleanup.  Be careful not to fall back into old habits of dumping items in the garage; once it’s clean, you need to keep it clean!  Remember your organization system and do your best to return items to their proper places after use.  A garage is an incredible asset to have, and keeping it clean makes your life easier.

If you’re still facing your garage cleanout, we understand how hard it can be to tackle.  That’s why we offer both dumpster rental and junk removal services to locations across Western Washington.  If you can’t seem to manage the task yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  Our team would be happy to help you reclaim your space once and for all.  Give us a call or visit our online form to schedule an appointment or rental!

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