Dumpster Rental Lakewood

Hoss Dumpster Rental provides 14 and 20 yard dumpsters for weekly rental needs, plus drop off and pickup services. These dumpsters are perfect for renovation, cleanup and demolition projects because we can drop the dumpster off right in front of where your work is taking place, and your team, family or group can easily toss all the junk or debris into the dumpster. This helps ensure that no one gets hurt by hazardous junk that isn’t fitting in your garbage can or smaller dumpster, cause our 14 and 20 yard dumpsters can hold a significant amount of trash, junk or waste. We also offer junk removal services, but the dumpster rental approach is perfect if you have workers or friends helping you out who can haul everything without help, as it’s a cheaper service and lets you take the time you need. Just let us know when you’re done and we’ll come take it away.

Residential Dumpster Rental Lakewood

Having one of our dumpsters on site during your project or teardown ensures that the space stays clean, as everything can go right in the dumpster rather than being scattered around your property. At minimum not having a dumpster to put waste in means that some junk may be forgotten when you try to clean it up on your own, and at worst someone might get hurt because they trip over something that was left in a bad spot. Whether you’re installing a new roof, removing old damaged siding, cleaning up an abandoned landscape area, or demolishing a condemned home, our dumpsters are excellent for your disposal needs. Just dump it and forget as we’ll haul the dumpster away when you’re ready.

Dumpster Rental Prices Lakewood

We have roll off and crane pickup dumpsters and can recommend what’s best depending on what you need and where you’re located at. This makes us an excellent option and our goal is to be your first call whenever you need dumpster rental or junk removal prices next time. We’re a local and veteran owned company and we prioritize honesty and hard work over making a quick buck. You can trust us to provide reliable, excellent dumpster rental services along with junk removal if that’s what you need. Just give us a call and let us know what you’re in need of and we’ll help out. Call us today for dumpster rental in Lakewood, Tacoma, Spanaway, Puyallup and elsewhere in Pierce County.

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