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Dumpster Rental

14-yard dumpsters: $350
20-yard dumpsters: $450

The rental fee allows you to have the dumpster for 5 Days and covers one dumpster pickup and drop-off. If you need to have the dumpster emptied and brought back for you to fill up again, there is an additional fee. You are also responsible for the dump fees which are charged at a rate of $50 for each quarter ton (weights are rounded up to the nearest .25 ton).

Junk Removal

We offer free quotes online and in person. Pricing*** is based on truckloads.

Minimum fee: $125
‚Äč1/4 truck: $175
1/2 truck: $350
3/4 truck: $525
Full truck**: $700

**Our trucks and trailers hold ~400 square feet.

***Prices include mileage, labor, and disposal. There is a 3.5% fee for
all credit / debit card transactions.