We now offer 14 and 20 yard dumpsters for weekly
rentals in Tacoma and Pierce County. Dumpster
rental is a great way to make it easy for you to
complete any demolition, cleanup or building
project and load up the dumpster so we can haul
it away for you. There’s no need to make multiple
runs to the dump when you can just rent a 14 or 20
yard dumpster for the week, fill it as you go and
then have us pick it up and be done with it.
These dumpsters are perfect for renovation,
cleanouts, and home repairs so you can save
money on dump fees and trips, keep your crew
productive and safe without debris or trash
getting in the way or causing injuries because there’s
nowhere to put it, and it’s cheaper than hiring our
full-service junk removal team so it’s perfect if you
have friends or workers helping you do the work.


Having a dumpster available means that instead of a
construction or project becoming a mess with debris
and waste littered everywhere, everything can go
straight into the dumpster so it doesn’t have to be
touched again and won’t slow anyone down, or cause
someone to get hurt. Whether you’re repairing a roof,
installing siding, demolishing an unwanted shed, or
doing major cleanup to a landscape area, our
dumpsters are excellent for loading up with whatever
non-toxic debris and junk you are creating or
removing. Dumpster rental means you can dump it
and forget it as we will take care of hauling the
dumpster away from you and you never need to think
about it again.

These are some of the many scenarios where dumpster rental can be a perfect fit:

  • Garage cleaning
  • Room cleanup
  • Flooring replacement
  • Roof replacement
  • Room remodel
  • Wall demolition
  • Spa or hot tub removal
  • Shed demolition
  • Furniture removal
  • Downsizing before a move
  • Spring cleaning work
  • Yard debris cleanup after a blizzard or windstorm
  • Tree trimming, pruning, cutting or removal
  • Fence teardown and replacement


Call us today for dumpster rental in Tacoma,
Spanaway, Lakewood, Puyallup and elsewhere in
Pierce County. We offer dumpster rental and junk
removal services in these areas and you can trust
us to be on time, and take care of your dumpster
rental and hauling or junk removal and hauling
needs. We are veteran owned and pride ourselves
on honesty and transparency.

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